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QR Generator

Create QR Codes easily in few seconds. Print out and display them.

  • Your own logo
  • Multiple styles of QR
  • Multiple types of content
  • Your favorite colors and shapes
  • High resolution images
  • Download in various sizes
  • Post QR to our gallery

Create a QR Code of your business with QRsun.

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It takes about few minutes and anyone can do it. Get new customers. Make the code campaign a part of your marketing action. QR SUN is a really flexible tool. Our users are totally free to customize shapes, colors, contents of their codes.

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No coding, drag and drop interface!

Mobile Website

Easily create fully functional mobile sites in minutes.

  • No coding, no plugins needed
  • No design skills needed
  • Drag and drop interface easily
  • Tap 2 call. Email Button, Urls ...
  • Multiple Forms. Paypal Payments ...
  • GPS Map. YouTube. Gallery ...
  • Store your mobile site files
Use our QR code generator !

QR Management

Intuitive management console to edit and control your dynamic QR codes.

  • Download multiple QR
  • Categorize QR into campaigns
  • Change Url's after creation of a QR
  • Re-Editable QR types
  • Url Shortener to make more readable
  • No external API
  • Built-in QR scannability indicator
Increase the number of your fans

Social Media Booster

Create campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

  • Link to your Facebook fan page
  • More followers with Facebook Likes
  • Link to your Twitter account
  • Link to your Linkedin page
  • More contacts with Linkedin Share
  • Video on YouTube with url link
  • Get contacts with your Vcard
Track your packages

QR Tracking

Track your QRs activity and analyse which campaigns are efficient.

  • Compare scanned hits per code
  • Analyse the hits graph
  • Analyse the scanned time and date
  • Compare media's performances
  • Check the locations and country
  • Check browser
  • Get information by a advanced contact form
Survey engine

Survey Tool

It helps you to build a survey quickly and easily.

  • Use the engine in minutes
  • Different types of questions
  • Share on social media
  • Download a file .csv
  • Follow your statistics
  • Check number of person/day
  • Associated with a QR link
Location When Scanning QR Code

Spot Mapping

It's easy to pinpoint the best physical locations to get more scans.

  • Easy to use Spot Mapping
  • Create name, address and more
  • Associated with your QR code
  • Statistics per address
  • QR places are working best ?
  • Research easy on world map
  • Analyse behaviours on the map

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QR Sun

QRSun is a startup after a collaboration of many developers, designers and marketers for a threefold purpose: broadcast, promote the QR Code concept to increase the corporate business. QRsun is produced by Sunset Code company. Member

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